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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

NovelMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
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Chapter 74 – The Negotiations cub powerful
Chapter 74 – The Negotiations
” What requires does the player have? “. He expected nervously
Rudra acquired made a decision the plan to have in the upcoming discussions. If the six hr clock was up he was sent a motivate being teleported towards the mentainance room .
” It doesn’t issue … Our facts suggests except your guild noone has successfully manufactured the bombs but ….. If you opt to warning the contract we will get rid of two vital substances to make spike bomb and frost bomb from the video game , forcefully returning balance”. The staff member claimed.
The cuber corporations employee’s confront soured. Needless to say the assembly was simply being supervised by a lot of top supervision . And although Rudra could not spot any earpiece , he was sure that the relay of info was constantly getting done.
” It doesn’t matter … Our details says except your guild noone has successfully made the bombs yet still ….. If you opt to sign the commitment we might get rid of two critical compounds when making spike bomb and frost bomb coming from the video game , forcefully returning sense of balance”. The employee reported.
” Properly , we could agree with signing an arrangement where we shall not manufacture any more stockpile of bombs , nevertheless the up-to-date stockpile will stay free to use , information with the whole inventory are going to be disclosed on the spot, also we agree with not market the bomb tested recipes to any other guild. Having said that we aldready have offered for sale the meals to 2 major guilds and also the protection under the law into the Grey international”. Rudra mentioned.
” this get is not easy “. The worker frowned …. This dude Shakuni , he was as well cunning , very despicable , he acquired significantly more than he diminished in this trade , still he shamelessly desired even more.
Rudra acknowledged . And the man was in the reception , the location where the worker of Cuber corporation was waiting around for him .
” I expect you might have outlined the words with all your guild individuals Mr Shakuni ….. Soo do you wish to team up around? “. The employee asked
Chapter 74 – The Discussions
The exclusive dark grey shiny coat in the wolves was similar to their guild insignia , which had been an additional direwolf! It simply appropriate their fashion.
” Fine , condition your calls for “. The staff member stated.
The employee nodded , declaring ” 3X exp potion durarion round the clock …. Shall be directly transferred into guild storage place at 1st each and every month” …. Nevertheless it was non tradable. Just for the guild individuals Genuine elites.
The cuber enterprises employee’s encounter soured. Needless to say the assembly was staying checked by a lot of top administration . And although Rudra could not area any earpiece , he was certain that the relay of info was constantly staying performed.
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Rudra was like a small young child these days , he couldnt wait to showoff the modern direwolves for the guild subscribers , to see their responses as he would say , properly absolutely everyone will get an individual !
” What calls for does the user have? “. He questioned nervously
” Indeed i did possess a speak with my guild members, wether we work or otherwise not despite the fact that , can be a dilemma that depends on how you reply to our necessitates sir “. Rudra claimed smiling wickedly.
” Alright , point out your requires “. The worker said.
Your face from the Cuber member of staff crumpled…. He understood the expense of bringing sense of balance back into the game grew to be very much far more costly.
” This…. “. The AI calculated the essential time for you to be 15 several weeks , Rudra’s requirement had been a very little challenging ….. But after some discussing the amount of time came upto 13 many weeks.
” I presume you have discussed the terms with the guild people Mr Shakuni ….. Soo do you wish to collaborate with us? “. The worker questioned
Rudra nodded and reported ” lets accomplish that , or 12 months …. Whatever will come previous , than the commitment is null”.
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” this request is tough “. The worker frowned …. This man Shakuni , he was way too cunning , way too despicable , he gained a great deal more than he sacrificed during this exchange , still he shamelessly desired additional.
” HELLL YEAH!!!!!!! “.
” This…. “. The AI assessed the specified time and energy to be 15 a few months , Rudra’s requirement was actually a small hard ….. But after a little negotiating enough time got upto 13 many months.
Rudra approved . In which he was back in the lobby , where the worker of Cuber company was anticipating him .

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